Where do we go from here?

How do we solve it?


Reading several news i couldn’t help but think and ask, what will happen after 30- 40 years from now?  Where are we heading? Looking back i would say that we have advanced so much  in technology, so many wonderful things have happened, from a typical black and red  ribboned, old fashioned typewriter to a high tech tablet.

I still remember using coal in cooking, logs for baking, even husk of rice as fuel to cook food.  I still smile when ever I see my pictures playing Chinese garter, Tumbang preso and habulan taya (human race). We spent our childhood days playing physically exhausting games. These games are part of our Filipino culture. Now that I often see my children playing computer games, I ask myself, have we developed mentally and forgotten our culture and became internet addict building our own kingdom and life in the virtual world?

In the field of communication, life has changed too. I love to write when I was younger. I often get in touch with my friends abroad using snail mail. I get excited when I find letters on my mailbox. I still remember using telegram wherein only the important words are written. But then again it got better, Facebook was able to connect me from my lost friends, friends that i never though i’d meet again. From my classmates in elementary days up to my new found friends, I easily get updates with their lives. It became easier communicating and planning for a get- together or a reunion. Sadly though this also became the vessel for intrigues and fights among jealous wives, friends and even  conflicting co-workers, even the cause of some marital break-ups, worst it became a venue for preying victims. Have we really gone that far?

My high school days was full of fun, spending literally so many hours on the telephone talking to your friends, crush and even  suitor. Until they discovered mobile phone, from big (Motorola) up to the smallest phone, from rotary phone to touch screen. These gadgets  helped us multitask, This changes made us a lot smarter but a lot more stresses??

They said the new inventions made our life easier, The technologies made us crave for more, for newer ones. The keeping up with the Jones kind of mentality was reintroduced, The ads made us more greedy, and those who got rich wanted to be the richest.  While we the consumer get this ” I need that: kind of feeling”

So what is my point? There is no problem with advancement. New technology helps our life became easier, But let us not forget that we need be more responsible to ourselves, our community, our children’s  future, our world. Lets us be more careful on the things that use. Let us ask ourselves, is it safe for the environment? Our ailing mother earth has been suffering from pollution brought by mankind. Nature has been retaliating back , manifested by unpredictable weather conditions. Stronger Storms, explainable  el nino, la nina, Tornadoes, lightning that we have not experienced before. This scenario reflects how we have abused our environment.  Isn’t this the perfect time that we do something to cure our ailing Earth? let us start by using inexpensive natural elements that we can improvise and improve.

With this I ask myself where do we go from here? are we moving forward or backwards? What is in store for us in the future? will we still be useful or we replaced sooner by robotics? In search for the answer, I came across several sites today that are worth helping. These people are making a difference in our world, and they inspire me to do on  what a responsible person should do. Recycle, reuse and most of all learn to improvise from what’s left in our environment.






Just say what you think! :)

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