For health sake! Slim without gym in 15 ways

I read this article and decided to do my own version of this topic hoping to get some insights or suggestion that could help me achieve my goal “Slim without the gym in 15 ways.”

To start with, I don’t intend to buy expensive gadgets, if ever i need to alight my wallet it should be minimal and very reasonable.

1. Use hula hoop. According to research 15 mins of hula hooping could actually burn 200 calories.

2. Walk dogs, walk to the grocery, even if it is in small distances, it is always the rule of the thumb.. walk to the kitchen or do it yourself rather than asking your errand girl to do it for you.

3. Climb the stairs up and down for 10 mins it is good for the butt or the gluteal muscles.

4. Have a date with your friend, but instead of sipping coffee at your favorite  coffee shop take it out. It is called gossip on the go, try talking while walking, it actually releases the stress when releasing your emotions. Don’t forget to laugh a lot. Laughing exercises the abs and the facial muscle along with the respiratory organs.

5. Eat more snacks but instead of junk foods try snacking on fruits or Yogurt. The fiber in fruit will help in your digestion.

6. Download free exercise programs such as Nike Training program on iPad. visit  You can choose from their programs for whatever suits you. Best of it is that  Nike+ rewards your successes and lets you share them with friend. Don’t forget to drink lot of water when doing this.

7. Check some website that offers Free diet plans that is suitable to your time frame. I am using the application

Get in Shape: effective diets & workouts

for iPad. It measures your calorie intake and provides different types of menu according to your goal.

8.  Drink plenty of water. You need to keep replacing the fluids lost during the activity.

9.You can also get the Simple Yoga workout

App Store – Simply Yoga FREE

10. Eat heavy breakfast, light lunch, and veggies at night.

11. Have sex more often. It can be a good outlet for stress.

12. Get at least 8 hours sleep. Sleep helps regulate the hormones that affect and control your appetite.

13.  Master one sport that you are interested in. Check for club membership.

14.  Try dancing. Put in some music and put it in full blast. Dancing like exercise can reduce you weight, but more fun.

15. Try to blog your activities,  you might find someone like you and or people who can help you in your predicament. Remember no one is an island.

(on my second day of doing this.. Wish me luck..


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