Living by Faith


ImageGal 3:11    But that no one is justified by the law in the sight of God is evident, for “the just shall live by faith.”

 Living by faith means you need to place your faith in God that He would take care of all your needs.

However, you should not misinterpret this as “I don’t need to work anymore since God will take care of me”.

Living by faith means having confidence that God will supply all your needs.

There is a big difference between “NEEDS  and “WANTS”.

Living by faith should not be strange to us since we live by faith every day. We invest our money in a business having faith that it will prosper. We send our children to school in faith that God will protect them. We live by faith day by day. People only start to question it when it comes to God. For one thing, it is living while knowing that there will be consequences to your every action.

 It is living knowing that God’s rules apply to you as it does to everyone else.

While a person or a business partner may fail you and cause you to fall, living by faith means placing your faith to God who will not disappoint your belief. Living by faith means living while trusting God. 

Living by faith requires people to PRAY, knowing that someone is listening.
 Prayer in itself requires much faith. (BELIEVE IT WILL HAPPEN) 
 Living by faith requires a person to judge his actions in terms of virtue. (OBEDIENCE) Virtue is what tells each person whether he is doing something for good or ill. In the judgment of virtue, no person can hide behind technicalities.

 Living by faith requires you to make sure that virtue has a great voice in your decisions. Living by faith requires you to be just. The just shall live by faith and, as you can see, the faithful live justly.

That for me is the meaning of living by faith.


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One thought on “Living by Faith

  1. Grabe. For this week, I’ve stumbled upon the phrase “Live by faith” more than thrice? May ibig sabihin ba yun? Hahah. I guess I really had to live by faith siguro. Cheers 🙂

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