Skip the Blah…

Its my free time! All the household chores are done, my little girl have been tucked to bed and i’m all alone in front of the computer , still trying to figure out if i should write again or find another available job in the net. But then my head still aches from all the application i made last night so i decided to write, but what shall i write?

I was thinking of writing about the House Bill 4244 but reading  its pro’s and con’s I begin to wonder, what  pro’s and con’s? As I see, it is beneficial to all but of course it’s my opinion. Anyways, i’ll set time for that, I get too emotional when see the issues they are getting at. Ho-hummmm, not my cup of tea tonight.

Let’s see, what topic shall I write?  browse, hmmm, too long, next please,  (browse again) nice butt (opppssss) moving forward, hmmm, interesting topic click the Like button and moving on… (browse)  intriguing but shall i leave a comment? ahhh, not tonight dear. 

I love to read personal journal of people’s lives. Not that I am spying on other people, but reading it makes me read the writers’ character, the personality and the style. Sometimes I am tempted to leave a comment but decides to leave  a mark instead and headed home to write this blah stuff.

Why Skip the blah? because I feel like an intruder if i put my comment, sometimes I wonder if my comment will bring any difference?

Back to me and my story, I am  grateful to some people who left comment on my previous post. It gave me the courage to leave my shell but I intentionally left out some comments because I really don’t know what to say..  Sometimes I get tongue tied when intimidated. But if I do  like a post it means i understand and I can relate to it. More often than not if I head right home in the middle of my reading it means i found that certain inspiration that made me  write again. Creativity flows when I get motivated.

Too many blahs have been said.. so that’s it folks happy reading!



4 thoughts on “Skip the Blah…

  1. “Creativity flows when I get motivated.”

    I agree 1001% … skip the Blah… yes, because its more motivating to comment on posts that tickles the mind, than cause brain to hemorrhage due to “nonsenseness” (hihi patawarin sa taray naman, joke lang…Hi lang at nakikibasa 🙂

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