You will never change your life

until you change something you do daily.

The secret of your success is found

in your daily routine.



You don’t need to be lucky or rich to be successful, but to be one, you have to develop winning habits.

Everyday, we are in the process of becoming. What we practice in our daily lives will make or break us. Your future depends on the choices that you make everyday.

Success doesn’t come from winning lottery or from acquiring, achieving or advancing. It is the result of growing. So make it a habit to GROW A LITTLE EVERYDAY until you realize how grown you became.

There are choices in life that we call “mistakes”. Do not dwell on it, move on and learn from it. Life is a process, an everlasting change,and learning is the value that we get from this mistakes. If you want to improve, STRIVE FOR CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT.

Most successful people, find inspiration in everything they do. Never wait for inspiration, motivate yourself and give it your best. To be successful PERSEVERE.

We often see this ad ” Buy now Pay later”. It is a trap, to be successful it should be “PAY NOW, PLAY LATER”. Everything in life, you pay a price. Choosing whether play first and suffer later, or pay first then enjoy greater rewards in the end.

Start small, DREAM BIG! The potential that exists within us is limitless and largely untapped. Your creativity will help unleash the potentials that you needed. Remember, when you start to think of limits, you create them!

Make the most of every moment. All successful people have mastered the ability to manage their time. PRIORITIZE .

Life is filled with critical moments, your choice will determine your future. In making decisions, always trade up not down. Learn to sacrifice short term happiness for lifetime achievements.

Success is knowing your purpose in life, sowing seeds and reaping it in the end.

C H E RI S H   Y O U R   V I S I O N   A N D   Y O U R   D R E A M S   A S   T H E Y

A R E   T H E   C H I L D R E N   OF   Y O U R   S O U L:

T H E   B L U E P R I N T S   O F   Y O U R   U L T I MA T E


-Napoleon Hill-

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