Journal of a Kept Woman (When attention is sought)


concubine of Sultan

Call me Carla, in my early 20’s, worked as a substitute secretary to a Senior Vice President  for Finance in one of the top 10 corporation.

My boss Mr. G, is in his late 40’s with  strikes of gray hair and a  perfect smile . He is what every woman would dream of. Even if he is aware that women swoon over his feet, he never put that into his head. He is just a “perfect gentleman”.

I just came from break-up when the job was offered to me, and gladly accepted in a light that it would help me move on with my life. The pay was rewarding but the duration would only last for 3 months or until the real secretary reports to work after giving birth. Moving to another city would definitely  help me recover from my recent heartache.

Mr G., is not the chatty type, speaks few words of instructions, and often times I do caught him staring at his office windows.Drown into deep thinking.  I met her wife once, who look like a model of a fashion magazine, when she came to pick him for lunch. I have seen his son who lives in London in the picture atop his office table.

One Friday, I lost track of time reading articles in the net, I saw my boss return to office after sending his wife to London to live with their son. Unsmiling, he asked me to bring him my reports and a cup of coffee as he passed my table . Worried and curious I hurried to his office thinking if there’s  something wrong with my work. As I gave him my report. He asked me to sit and asked me to honestly answer his questions. And he told me that although our conversation is not a part of work he will pay me an overtime rate for that matter. It was the first time that I saw him wear his heart on his sleeves.He said that his wife and his best friend  are having an affair for almost a year now.  I searched for truthfulness in his eyes but all is see is pain and anger. I feel for him, for it happened to me before. It was the hardest thing to accept, to be cheated.

After that night, his attitude towards me change, he became more casual than usual, he became friendlier. We became more relaxed and enjoyed each others company. I was thinking birds of the same fate, jive together, no dull moments with him. I learned that he have known her wife’s infidelity a year ago and he was relieved that she left for London and live with their son.

Soon my contract with his company ended but our friendship became deeper. We are more open on our lives and he  appreciate my candidness about my personal and sex life. I learned that he had never had sex the day he learned about his wife’s infidelity. Honestly, part of me was enjoying all the attention he was giving me and I know for sure that he too was enjoying my company. The night he brought a bottle of red wine made me lose control of myself. Too late to realize that I was falling for him and vice-versa.  It was that same night that I decided that I want him for keeps. We made love like there’s no tomorrow. It was passionate and urging. Our relationship continued for 8 more months and most of the time he sleep in my flat. He admitted that he feel younger when he’s with me. We kept the relation secret because we both know he was still married.

It was before Christmas that G’s wife arrived from London with their son.She found out that G was having an affair. He said that  we need to cool down for a while until he fixes everything . He asked me to trust him in this matter. Things just got too complicated, and I was deeply involved with G, i couldn’t  afford to lose him. G’s wife  learned about my details, my flat which G has been paying, all my shopping spree and everything G has been spending on me. I guess she  hired a detective to find out about me.

One day she called and ask for  a meet up and she asked me never to mention it to G. She said she never wanted to cause any trouble and she just wanted to talk. I agreed to meet with her and told her to meet me at the coffee shop across building of my condo unit she agreed and the meeting was set.

I never thought that my story will end with a happy ending. G and I married 6 months after his divorce. Mary G’s ex wife live to be with his lover and I with G.   The only thing I really want is to be able to sleep with him every night and wake up with him every morning, and make sure he knows exactly what an amazing man he is.

(This story is fictitious in character. A first attempt to fulfill the creativeness of the writer in writing short stories. I appreciate if readers will leave comments)


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