Do you wanna dance?


Just Dance

Do you wanna dance in the rain? Like the old days when we were still kids.

Running around, not minding anything at all?

Do you wanna dance inside the club? like teeners enjoying their youth.

not minding any danger lurking around?

Do you wanna dance in front of a big audience? giving your best shot

not minding if people stare at you with question?

do you wanna dance the ballroom dance? performing your best

knowing that a lot of people are staring at you

Do you wanna dance with me? I may not be young but I still can dance to the beat,

I won’t mind what they will say, for as long as we will have fun,

like the good old days, carefree, fun and enjoyable..

Let’s dance the night away, put on your dancing shoes,

let your body move, feel free, enjoy the music,

and Just DANCE!


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