The art of letting go by Mikaila

memories are the only things that don’t change.
when everything else does,

there are things that you cannot hold on forever,
no matter how much you fight for it.

Never be sad for is over, be glad that it was once yours… 


19 thoughts on “The art of letting go by Mikaila

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          • I have shelved the thought of being in love for seven long years, hoping that when I finally give myself another chance, it will be with the right man. I guess fate has something else in mind 😦

            • I really don’t know your story, but i hope next time you plunge into the water check it’s depth first kala mo lang mabababaw malalim pala.. God will anchor you back to shore just don’t give up. Hes knows how much you hurt, and he will give you strength and courage to move on. Don’t fall for wolves in sheep skin. Always bring your head along with your heart. You have seen the signs nung una pala lang (based on your blogs) but you refused to see it.. Chill, this is the consequence of your wrong choices.. You have to choose the right path back to God’s arms.. In his time, he will give you your hearts desire.

    • Oo nga naman.. Pwede din dagdagan para maging imagination na lang.. Selective memory, pwedeng idelete mga bad memories, retain only the good ones

        • Haha, try a little suicide… Joke! In time all the bad memories will be forgotten . Kelangan lang patawarin ung taong nakagawa nun sau.. It is a matter of positive attitude and right timing

          • e ang tanong kung ako yung nakagawa ng kasalanan sa iba, paano nya makakalimutan, sa kabila ng iyong paghingi ng kapatawaran. naisip ko tuloy na wari tama ang sinabi mong di nagbabago ang memorya, kaylanman.

            • It only means one thing, di ka pa din nya nakakalimutan, deep inside she’s still hoping that you would come back.. If affected ka pa din, ibig sabihin there is still hope if not you have to let go.. Para makalet go na din sya.. She is holding on to something kaya she’s still hurting

            • I think so, letting go means giving up, that you chose to leave it behind and that you are moving on to the next chapter of your life. It means laying down the stones that makes your journey heavy. Free from the past means letting go of all the things that chains you. Moving on means accepting that there is life after all those hurts and troubles. Sige.. I’ ll make another blog on the steps of letting go.

            • never ko pa kasi talaga nagawa mag let go ng isang tao, friend man o mahal ko. sa trabaho oo, na experienced ko na, pero sa tao na may damdamin, humihinga at may presensya di ko pa nagagawa.

            • Mahaba habang kwentuhan ito.. coffee? You can always chose what to let go. Are you letting go of the person or just the emotions that goes with it? Kasi if you are going to let go of the emotions, surely darating ang panahon you would look back and say I made it. Pero if you let go of the person and not the emotions kahit sa anong panahon kayo magkita masakit pa din..

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