How to detect a womanizer…


There are obvious personality  traits of a womanizer. They have only one goal: To get a woman into bed.

Keep in mind that womanizers are different from cheaters. Womanizers, jump from one bed to another most of the time, their affairs are often short lived.

Womanizers are sweet talkers and very charming. They are very interested and very attentive. They give very special attention to their prey. They flatter woman in terms of their looks and they often feel for their prey. A perfect man for every woman. Funny, loving, attentive and very sympathetic.They are very good listeners, he knows exactly what you want to hear.  He is good in promises and promises too soon.

But beware, inside that sheep hides the wolf.  They are good in getting what they want and they know exactly how to get it.

Once the woman lets her hair down the wolf will slowly shed his camouflage. He will subtly drop hints on sex, casually joke about it, or be too touchy. Often times womanizers are so sweet you would never notice  how he give his sexual innuendos.

Once he could see  that you are following his lead, in a matter of time, he will get what he wanted and jumps off to another victim.

Womanizers often eyes for other woman. You may not notice it but he is starting to look for other possible victims if you don’t bite his bait. He is often on phone with an alibi that he needs to attend business calls.  A womanizer dress well and  are too conscious about his looks.  He has a jolly, care free personality, exciting and creative. He is very very friendly especially to women.

Most womanizers, have common endearment so as not to confuse himself during sex or even during conversation.And he has very short attention span especially if you are in a public place. When he goes on date, expect him to pay. He needs to invest in return for sexual favor.

Recognizing a womanizer means being aware of his intentions. If you are looking for a serious relationship. always look past through him. Never expect to change a womanizer to fit your need. Its a psychological case that he himself should resolve to change.


11 thoughts on “How to detect a womanizer…

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    • Thank you.. I was browsing some womans mag when this topic popped-up in my mind. I observed that most of my male womanizer friends have the same behavior not all though but most of it. Happy reading.. 🙂

      • Great article Binky!

        I need to make a correction though in your description of a womanizer aka player. By and far I agree with your assessment except for the fact that you mention players give women compliments or flatters them.

        I disagree with that as, myself, I am a player (and damn proud of it!!!). Actually, the only “actual” compliments I give to women are “take aways”. I will give a compliment to her, and take it RIGHT back (by teasing her about something else.. always in an enjoyable and funny manner) A ‘lil give and take. The only other way I actually give women a compliment (I’m talking about women I’ve just met) is by giving her a compliment, and then complimenting MYSELF even higher.

        And the only disagreement I have with your article is that womanizers are not sweet to women. Sweet guys are nice guys = boring guys to ladies. Sweet is not the right word. When I hear sweet, i think compliments, kissing her ass, willing to do anything for her, etc, etc. I don’t do any of that. I’m actually very sarcastic and always like to tease women by picking on them in a cute and funny way that induces laughter from her (this is the most effective way, hands down, to create chemistry w a woman.. by being adversarial and not agreeing with everything she says/thinks simply because EVERY other guys out there already does… BORING!!!)


        • Thank you for your comment.. wow that was straight from horse mouth. would love to have 1 on 1 interview with you. 🙂
          I see that teasing a woman purposely is a way of challenging a woman, by that she’s falling into a trap. Nice bait!
          Well you are definitely right and from your point of view its quite enlightening.
          I do appreciate your comment, really. I do have lot of questions in mind though maybe someday i can ask you.
          have a great day!

    • ngiti pa lang pamatay na.. typical na babaero.. wala pa naman ako nameet na di kagwapuhang lalaki na babaero, unless super yaman sya, or desperate na mga babae ngayon? 😛

    • It is but natural to be blind and deaf especially for girls who are inexperience (their usual target) to these kind of men.. I guess most women experience this once in their lifetime including me. 🙂 The euphoria one gets from all those flatteries and sweet talk are blinding.. 🙂

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