Conquer your dreams..

We all have dreams, its one of the things that keeps us striving and strong.
But dreams are not easy to achieve is it?
there are lots of hindrances in conquering that dream..
but in order to achieve that dream we need to:

1. Overcome People.

Gen 37:5 ” and Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it to his brothers: and they Hated him more.

In our lives some people will try to stop us dreaming. we will hear a lot of discouraging words, of doubts. Some people will even try to kill us for dreaming ( e.g. Mindanao Massacre) and for sure we will gain enemies.

2. Overcome Pits.

We all fall into pits and God allows it to happen so we could build a Character. our reaction to frustration strengthens our value, beliefs and develop the character we need in order to attain that dream.

3. Overcome Self.

Overcoming the fear, the discouragement believing on oneself are the greatest hindrance in achieving our dreams. and when you have overcome yourself.. Success comes your way naturally.

so i will just continue dreaming on, until i fulfill that, i will endure all things.


Dream what you want to be


7 thoughts on “Conquer your dreams..

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  2. yay. i m just letting myself the liberty to do what my heart says.
    m at work and its juts 11.40 AM at my place now πŸ™‚

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