42 things about me..

42 things about me..


  1. Sad movies often makes me cry.
  2. I love to watch Korean telemovies
  3. No matter how old i get, i am still a cry baby.
  4. I love to travel be it locally or international, it gives me that unexplained happiness
  5. I love to cook food that warms the heart (comfort foods)
  6. I love to read books (novels,Self help, inspirational, song book etc)
  7. I love to sing (I can carry a tune)
  8. I love to dance ( teach me how to dougie )   🙂
  9. I am  easy! easy to please,easy to annoy
  10. I love hugs!
  11. I fear God
  12. I can’t imagine myself living with out my family
  13. I’m addicted to chocolates
  14. I’m an internet addict (shhhh!)
  15. I love joking around and there are times i cannot stay put in one place
  16. my day is not complete without a cup of coffee
  17. I can live with 1  meal per day as long as rice is included.
  18. I am exercise fanatic.. just a fan though… 😛
  19. I have a habit of procastinating. 😦
  20. I love to write ( that’s me writing)
  21. I liked to be challenged, to challenge and be challenging
  22. I am tomboyish
  23. I was born 1970 (hence 42 things about me)
  24. I am quick in saying sorry
  25. I can handle criticism
  26. I am stubborn
  27. my name binky came from a beauty queen from Mindanao (my dad hoped Id be one too)
  28. I like to learn another language (French probably)
  29. I am trying to focus on the positive and bright side of life. (Always half full)
  30. I am trying to do the same for people
  31. I am an observer
  32. I love SHOPPING!!! Is it sale yet?
  33. I like to learn photography
  34. I believe that there is a time for everything
  35.  I like light rock, blues, pop, christian songs, new wave, almost all except heavy metal.
  36. I love fashion magazines
  37.  I am massage addict
  38. I have healing hands ( thru massage)
  39. I always try to understand people’s behavior and rationalize it.
  40. I don’t know how to start fire (in cooking barbeque)
  41. I am adventurous but not dangerous (I love life)
  42. I love sleeping!

there you go, that’s me! 🙂


10 thoughts on “42 things about me..

  1. Haha, awesome. I especially like #2. However, I would have to say Korean comedy is where it’s at 😛 I couldn’t agree any more with #4. There’s just something about immersing yourself in the culture of another country. Just knowing that the things/habits you have at home aren’t shared throughout the entire globe. It’s always good to see things from other angles. Love that. #’s 29 and 30 are some of the reasons why I even started blogging in the first place. It’s good to know that something you write may help others. Haha! And as being a poor college kid, I couldn’t agree any more with #42. I can never get enough!!

    But awesome post though. Thanks for sharing 😀

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