In pursuit of happiness…

No i won’t tell you how to be happy, It is your call how to be happy,

What makes you happy, and when to be happy,

But i will tell you why you should be happy..

  1. Because your enemies are happy when you are sad.
  2. Because most people want to be with happy people (more friends)
  3. Because when a person is happy, that person is more likely to live longer.
  4. Because you will have stronger immune system
  5. Because happiness is contagious, you are promoting world peace.
  6. Because happy people are more likely to become socially interactive.
  7. More likely to be emotionally healthy
  8. More energetic and more productive
  9. More likely to exhibit greater self-control and coping abilities
  10. More likely to look good.
  11. Because your family friends, or lover wants you to be happy.
  12. Because when people die, people  wanted to be remembered as a happy person, rather than a grumpy one. (When a happy person dies a lot of people will be sad, but when a grumpy person dies, a lot of people will be happy


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