To like or Not to like…


I was scanning some post today when I saw this one intriguing title.. “please don’t like my post”.
So i went to read the whole story and i can really understand her point of view. I myself has been a victim of those unwanted likes, but then again on the other side I also thought that there are options for those like box. You may or may not include it in your options. I want to press the like button but I held back because first, im a stranger ( she stated that on her post) and second i couldn’t find the like box . Hahaha..

So what’s with the like button? For me, I press the like button if and only if:

1. I can relate with the post
2. I truly like the thought
3. I want to comment but i’d rather skip the blah.

Now the joys of receiving the like for me means

1. Someone saw my blog, (assuming) read it and liked it
2. Additional statistics.
3. My readers are growing which means im getting better in writing.
4. Happiness!

More happiness when that person after hitting that like button left a comment. It means that he/she read and understood my post. And much more happiness when that person starts following you!

From my point of view, writing is more than just expressing yourself, it is more of giving in to that urge to be heard.

In this world of blogging, a like means being heard and a sign that you are somehow making your mark.

So go ahead hit the like button, i don’t mind at all! 🙂 happiness!


17 thoughts on “To like or Not to like…

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  2. Haha, well I guess everyone has their own reasons for blogging right? But I can totally relate with the reasons that you press the like button. It’s because I truly like the post and/or can relate. But I would definitely like to see the other perspective of that too.

  3. Tama. Sometimes, they are pushing the like buttons lang to get noticed and show “some” appreciation even though they haven’t read it at all. Parang nawala na yung essence ng like? Haha.

    • Madalas yan.. Lahat ng post ko nakalike pero feeling ko para i like ko din ung mga post nya.. Hehehe.. Oks lang no problem at all. I like like! So kinda like it too.. Ang gulo.. Whatever.. 🙂

  4. the reasons i like the post.
    – if i like the post (stranger or friend)
    – a friends post but i dont have the mood to read it bcoz its a long post heheh.. just he/she knows that i support her blog
    – if i dont have to say on the comment box 😀

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