Have you been hugged today? free hugs for everyone..



Health benefits of HUG

  1. Hugging is a powerful way to get rid of stress and to connect with people. It is our natural urge to love and connect to each otherThe research has been conducted showing that hugs produce oxytocin, a “bonding” hormone. Oxytocin influences social recognition, bonding, and building trust among people. By hugging we lower cortisol, the stress hormone
  2. Hugs helps one person relax.
  3. Hugs mend broken relationships,  thus, giving a heart rest from heartaches
  4. Hugs of mother to their children gives encouragement to children, it gives them more self-confidence.
  5. Hugs gives the warmth feeling, thus relaxing the muscles and releases the tension knot.
  6. Hugs are natural way of healing children with fever.
  7. Hugs for babies are natural way of incubating the baby.
  8. Hugs gives that loving feeling that lowers blood pressure and lower heart rate.
  9. Hugs at the beginning of the day gives that assuring and protection feeling on a rough day ahead.

A few other interesting stories regarding the health benefits of hugs include:

1) David Bresler, former director at UCLA’s Pain Control Clinic, instructed a female patient who had reoccurring pains to have her husband give her 4 hugs a day. Within weeks, she reported her pain had subsided substantially.

2) Dr. Dolores Krieger, a professor of nursing and expert in touch therapy at this amazing university we attend, reports that touching other people stimulates the hemoglobin in our tissues causing oxygen to be spread throughout our body. This leaves us feeling invigorated.

3) Dr. Dolores Krieger proved that when we touch each other, and especially when we hug, we increase the production of hemoglobin which brings oxygen throughout our entire body. In this way we feel that we are healthy and full of energy

To get these desired effects, however, it is important we hug correctly, says the author of Caring, Feeling, Touching, Dr. Sidney Simon. A real hug includes whole body. In this way you protect your heart, feel younger and fit and maintain friendships and love with people.

So go ahead and hug someone today, and hug as many people as you want it is good for your health.. hugggsss!



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