Wake me up!!!!!!


dreams and wishes. 62/365

dreams and wishes. 62/365 (Photo credit: nicole.pierce.photography ♥)

I was home when my husband arrived with a female visitor. She was a classmate in the province and  now a residing in U.S. She has a long blond curly hair, fair complexion, brown eyes, thin lips and quite  chubby...  curvaceous, big breast, curvy hips.

 I really don’t know the details how they meet at this time but i guess it must be Facebook (as always). Anyways they were talking about some letters in the table which my husband said ( in a smile and teasing way) in a very modulated voice,  “you should have taken those letters with you when you left, see you won’t find it here anymore”. She answered, with that killer smile and that fluttering eyelashes. (Darn i should get that kind of eyelash extension!) “for real? awww that’s bad what was written in it anyway?”

I was trying to be cool, ignoring those flirting signs and intentions knowing that my hubby will not (I repeat “NO WAY!!) fall on those tricks. He introduced that woman to me and my daughter and though she extended her hands I could feel her eyes focused on my hubby ( i’m sure she’s drooling over him). My daughter asked her father something and the two of them walked towards the kitchen. He excused himself to her (I don’t know her name) and head on with my daughter.

So it was just between me and that woman. So I asked her if she has been to the province (Quirino) and asked her a few names..  tracking down  her roots  She mentioned names former batchmates of my husband, a few kababayan and several close friends. We are chatting well and she said that I must be lucky to have my husband. I smiled and said “He is lucky to have me!

She smiled and said,  you know  name  ?  isn’t he married to  name?

“Yeah, I think so, why?” I said.

Without batting an eyelash, she said, “She should have married someone else  and maybe    she and Louie  and it could have been me and Anthony..

What? I was looking at her my mouth agape.. What the hell is it that you want? You have met me,  my children and for pete’s sake aren’t you ashamed of what you are saying? He is married now, and I am the WIFE do you want me to spell it loud to you? Isn’t it clear enough? You have no space in his life now, I won’t allow and will never allow until my last breath!  You belong to the past and no space in his future!!  My voice raised  I shouted and said Leave my husband alone!  I could feel my heart beating fast I know that i could kill her right then and there. My temperature rising, my knees are shaking.. what is she thinking? I threw my hands in the air, I could kill her with my bare hands, tear her apart piece by piece and give it the the dogs. But I ran to my husbands arm and told him what she told me. He went to asked her ” why  would you say that? I love my wife and family I will never leave them.

Its ok I am not asking you to leave, can’t we just share?

  I could feel my body shaking uncontrollably. It was then, I realized that it was just a dream, I reached for my husband and hugged him tightly.  It was raining cats and dogs outside,  the cold breeze inside the room made me shiver to the bones. Wait, was it all just dreams? It seems too real. Where is that whore?  No its not real, it was just a dream. I am dreaming Wake up girl! wake up!

Still, that dream haven’t left my mind, leaving no stone unturned.  What is it that I fear? Why would I dream  that dream? Who is that woman on my dream? I could just leave it and let it go, but there’s something in it that pushes its way back on my conscious mind.  So many questions, what is my unconscious mind telling me?  Was it just a product of my wild imagination? An insecurity manifesting in dreams? Or am I sensing some  imminent  danger?

 Help me, share your thoughts. I know that there is an answer to all of these…

Those dreams that on the silent night intrude, and with false flitting shapes our minds delude … are mere productions of the brain. And fools consult interpreters in vain.




17 thoughts on “Wake me up!!!!!!

  1. Kapag may mga ganyan daw na bad dreams, sabi eh kabaliktaran daw ang mangyayari.

    Akala ko may dugo na dadanak. Mabuti na lang at panaginip lang pala ang lahat. 🙂

  2. Hi Ms. Binky! Naku, it’s just a dream buti naman. Nakakatawa yung “Can’t we just share?” Haha. As if someone would want that noh. In her dreams! Anyway, been a while, I missed you Ms. Binky! 😀 Hehe.

    • Korek!! pag naaalala ko ung itsura nya na parang mabait na tuta na gustong sabihin ako din himas mo!! grrr!! para naman akong asong ulol na magwawala!! hahah ok na na ung mga school requirements?

      • Hahaha. If its my mom’s dream, kalbo na yung girl. HAHA. Nako. Opo. Mejo tapos na, nakasulat sa latest post ko, hindi nyo po nakita? Hmmmmm. SAD.

        Haha. Anyway, mejo konti nalang tapos vacation na. Yipee! 😀

  3. Nakaka-stress nga yang panaginip mo. I don’t know if vision iyan pero I it proves na mahal na mahal mo talaga yung husband ba! Napakaswerte niya sa’yo. Yun lang Ate Binky. Hehe 😉

    • Haha.. tama ka nastress ako pero mas nafocus ko ung attention sa sarili ko.. kelangan magpaganda para sa asawa ko.. baka ipagpalit ako bigla!! hahaha

        • Awwww! Naku malilibre kita nyan! Women are vain in nature lalo na pag shumoshonda, sa dami naman kasi ng malandi ngayon dinadaig ang magaganda… Hahahaha
          Teka lang ano naman ung weird mong panaginip? Share! 🙂

    • yes it was so detailed.. and ironic that i remember the details.. actually I realized that this is not the first time that i dream this kind of dream but this one seems so real.. kaya nga nung nagising ako hinanap ko agad asawa ko… aba! dadanak ang dugo pag nagkataon!

  4. Ms. Binky feel na feel ko, pati ako nainis rin ha :)) Anyway, dreams are very tricky. I found a site in the internet about dream interpretation http://www.dreammoods.com/

    I just don’t know if that’s reliable kasi I’ve found that through Google lang, but I’ve searched what that dream meant, you might want to try searching it as well, or not. Hihihi.

    Nauuso kasi ngayon ang mga “No Other Woman” peg, nagiging trend na sa mga films/tv shows. WAHH. Kaya baka ganyan! :))

    Everything will turn out well 🙂 Hihi I’ll pray for you and your family!
    God bless Ms. Binky!

    • Jung or Freud’s theory?

      your link is more rational.. I think my dreams are subconscious fears.. the collection of my past experience plus my innermost observation that i tried to hide..

      you know you are right… sige babalikan ko at pag-aaralan muna ang aking sarili.. pero kung minsan hindi naman masama maging praning.. naniniguro lang na walang alien na sisira ng tahanan ko.. 🙂

      Salamat Jem.. Hugs!!

      • I’m not well-versed in dream interpretations eh, so I don’t know whose theory. 😦 Pero sobrang interesting po talaga ng dreams! & talagang detailed ‘yung inyo! 😀 Interesting! Ako nga rin, itetake note ko kung ano mapanaginipan ko! Hope I can remember it too! 😀

        You’re totally right Ms. Binky, subconscious fears nga siguro, because you love your family that much! ❤ hihihi. Dumadating naman talaga tayo sa point na yan, di naman siguro pagka-"praning". Haha! God bless you! 🙂

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