Color my skin… Brown

Bohol, Virgin Island

I am proud of my skin color, sun kissed tan from brown race.

My color means, Sun, Beach, Tropical weather, and summer.

I am a beach bum, and the Philippines have unlimited number of beaches, white sand, salt and pepper sand, white coral sand. Name it i’m sure we have it. With 7,107 islands, and a coastline twice the length of that of the United States, the Philippines can claim to be Asia’s Beach Capital. (Source: Department of Tourism)

I love the sun. It gives me that warm feeling. The warmth of the sun contributes to the Filipino characteristic which is being lovable, warm and hospitable.

Summer time means Fun time. It never fails to bring a happy feeling, a festive mood, a time for family outing. And that is why it is more fun in the Philippines.

Sun’s heat reminds me of my favorite Halo Halo Dessert. Which reminds me too that Eating. Is more fun in the Philippines.

So being brown is never dull. It adds more color to life.

And I am proud to be a Filipino!


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