Phrase to face.

Writing a blog is not really easy nor reading another person’s blog makes it easier. There are mind boggling statements that some bloggers purposely post to intimidate deep thinking.
Reading a blog, actually activates imagination especially if the idea was laid in a controversial manner. If the writer is successful in starting this reaction to the reader, then consider that person an effective writer.

Posting a comment on a blog makes me think twice. Knowing that I speak blunt, making statement will be awkward. Afraid that i might get misinterpreted, I often end up writing my own blog. In this world where different minds meet, miscommunication can not be averted. I for one never want to intrude nor be misunderstood. But sometimes posting a question or a comment to a written blog is an impulse. To react and express my thoughts but not to raise an argument just to ask or share my experience. Then in the end i ask myself, is it really necessary to comment on blogs?

I must admit, I love to receive comments because it gives me room for improvement. Conversation with other people stimulates curiosity and interest to know more about people, their culture and their experience.

Life like a book should be read by others; to learn, entertain and inspire them in their journey. Your story might be different from mine or there might be similarities but the experience is different. We are walking towards the same direction but the path we take are different. The struggles other people experiences could be a lesson or an inspiration for the same people who are going through the same ordeal. We leave marks so that the people who got lost could return back to the right track.

Clearing air could mean more harm than its real purpose. Nevertheless, since blogging and publishing works publicly means exposing yourself to other people’s scrutiny, accept their opinion and comments politely. Respect and responsibility are still the base line for commenting and for blogging as well.

Have a happy blogging and enjoy reading!

3 thoughts on “Phrase to face.

  1. kung minsan nag-iiwan ng bakas para magparamdam, pero kadalasan ay dahil napukaw sa mas malawak na kamalayan at ideya, kagaya nitong sa iyo ngayon, lalo sa mga malulupit at kahanga-hangang bloggers.

    • minsan, nasa style din ng pagsusulat? halimbawa itong post na ito kung mapapansin mo it’s more of a statement na parang babasahin lang at hindi sya nakakaenganyong mag comment tama ba? pakiwari ko lang napansin ko ito habang binabasa ko comment mo.

      • Hmmm, mali po ang iyong pakiwari, ako ay naengganyong magkomento hindi dahil sa nais ko lamang magparamdam, sa akin ang iyong paskil ay nagbigay ng karagdagang kaliwanagan at lalo pa ang pagkaka-unawa ko ng .kahit bahagya lamang ng iyong personalidad. At ako’y nagagalak doon.

        Ang sa akin naman, basta mailathala ko ang aking ideya, sobrang galak na ako, karagdagan na lamang ang komento at bisita ng iba, gayong aminado rin ako na lagi ko pa rin inaabangan kung may nagtangkang magbasa at maka-relate.

        🙂 hello naman sa brown skin.

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