Money matters

With money,
You can buy friends.
You can buy anything you want and brag all about it all day.
You learn to appreciate non living things. Money gives you power, pride, soon you’d realize that money is never enough.
You’d yearn for more, çrave for, want for more.
Money makes you worship the Mammon.

But if you dont have money your tendency is…
Pray for blessing.
Appreciate time with your family because you dont have a gadget that gets your attention. Learn to appreciate the living things around you,your friends, family, church mates. Without money you learn to be grateful.
You learn to thank the Lord even for the smallest thing that comes your way.

Without money, gratitude becames a way of life.
Without money, you see your true friends. Without money, you learn to be humble. Pride is lost.
Without money you call on God and ask for blessing.
And then you worship the one true God.
Thats the time when blessing will come your way.


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