Fasting, prayer and health

What is Fasting, prayer and health?

Why do we have to fast and what is fasting?

What is the basis for fasting and what is the effect of this to our body, and spiritual well-being?

How do you fast and what are the basics of fasting?

How does fasting work? and who needs it?

You will find the answer  on the links on this page. Physiological effects of fasting

Fasting has long  been practiced in hospitals. Upon confinement while under observation the patient is instructed not to take anything except for dextrose. This is a form of fasting, wherein the body heals itself by repairing and strengthening its damage organs.

This is also know as detoxifying the body from chemicals and toxins. And while the body is cleansing itself, prayer helps in cleansing our mind. It relieves our body from stress and restore the balance between rest and work. In the end health is restored.

For those people with mild health conditions such as weight problem, insomia try fasting..




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