The twins

This is a story of twin brothers who look exactly alike but extremely different. One of them named Paul and the other named Peter.

Paul has been known for his positive attitude. He always sees his glass half full. He is jolly and very friendly.

Peter on the other hand is known for his negative attitude. Grumpy and always sees his glass half empty.

One day on christmas day their father decided ti give them a gift according to their character.

Peter was given beautiful gifts to boost his morale and Paul was given horse dung to see how far can his positive attitude go.

Peter upon opening his gifts cried in despair. His father was so curious and ask him what’s the matter? Peter replied, because of this gifts my playmates will hate me because I have so many great toys Im sure they will envy me. Beside I need to buy batteries everyday. What a waste of money.. and cried even more.

The father went to see Paul. Curious on how this boy would react to the gift he received. He found Paul running around, jumping around and shouting hiyaaaa and very happy. He called him and asked why is he so happy. Paul excitedly pronounce that there might be a horse somewhere because he was given a horse dung.

Our attitude determines our state of mind. It defines our character and our attitude. Sonetimes life offers us stones but remember that in this stones might be a gold waiting to be crafted. 🙂

Merry Christmas. Let us give thanks to the giver and not on the gift.. 🙂

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