Loving beyond limits – Infidelity

Case 1 :

 Alice is a striving career woman married to Barry who is  unemployed and surviving on  pension from his parents. Joe is an officemate of Alice and  knows all the difficulties   Alice has been going through. Joe has been friend  and the crying shoulder of Alice. Barry because of insecurities starts to be a suspecting husband, a drunkard and has been verbally abusing Alice. Joe  aware of Alices’ situation took pity on her and started to love her beyond limits. Alice on the other hand found respect and love from Joe that made her fall for him, beyond all limits.  Barry suspecting that Alice is having an affair started to be violent, abusing her physically and his drinking problems aggraviated. Although he love Alice so much, his love for himself, for  his ego prevailed and promised that no other man could take away the woman she love beyond all limits.

Case 2:

Janice is a full time mom and a plain housewife.  She is married to John who is working as an executive.  He provides for the family and provides very well. His job demands time and too much attention that he seldom have time for his wife and family. Janice knowing how much his husband works for them decided to dedicated her life to her family, neglecting herself, her looks. She looks for the family’s need first before hers. Rachel, the beautiful and witty secretary has been John’s  constant companion. In out of town meetings, social and night life, client calls, Rachel has been an ally of John. Rachel knowing that John hasn’t enough time for his wife took the situation to seduce John. For Rachel,  John is her knight in shining armour. John on the other hand has physical needs which Rachel is willing to give and she has been a very effective partner in making money for the company. Rachel took the liberty of feeding his ego by pleasing him in return, he sustains all the financial needs of Rachel.  The affair become so strong that love decided to break all limits. Janice accidentally discovered about the affair decided to keep a mum about it. She decided to love him beyond all limits until he find his way back home.

Case 3:

Alfie is engaged to Merly and will be married in 8 months time.  Fred,  Alfie’s bestfriend is the only person unhappy with the announcement. For him, Alfie is the only friend who understand him and the only person he wanted  all his life.  He loved him beyond all limits and  couldn’t accept that Alfie choose to be with Merly. Fred kept all the secret from Merly only because Alfie asked and beg him to do so. Now Fred decided to tell Merly to prevent the marriage  from happening.  Alfie knowing Freds intention of breaking them up decided to tell Merly the truth. After all if she loves him truly, beyond all limits she will accept him.  Merly upon learning the truth made a decision. She will marry Alfie.

Case 4:

Lovely is two months pregnant. When Dennis learned about this he ran away from her. He is  afraid of the responsiblity, besides he has a long way towards his career. He recently had a job offer in Singapore, he has still lot of dreams to pursue. Lovely, was so broken, her family doesn’t even know she had a boyfriend and her parents will definitely hate her. It was then that Richard got the chance to ask Lovely to marry him. Richard was gay, but unaccepted by the family. The only way Richard could be accepted was to bring Lovely to their family and pretend that it is their child. Lovely, confused and no where to go accepted Richards proposal. All went well until Dennis came into the picture. Dennis  tried to get back Lovely and their child admitting his mistakes and willing to bring them to Singapore where he is based. Will Richard give way when he loved Lovely and the child which he considered his already?  Love changed him from being gay to a real man loving Lovely beyond limits. Will Lovely give up on him when he was the only person who made her whole again loved her and her child beyond limits?


Case 5:

Wendel and Steph are inseparable during high school days. Everyone thought they will end up together but fate tested their faithfulness. After graduation Steph’s family move to America and lived as immigrants.  Wendel and Steph continued their communication until their distance became an issue. Wendel stopped all forms of communication with Steph and decided to live life without her. Then he met Emily his new officemate. Emily is gorgeous inteligent and very charming. He instantly fell for her. Emily fell for Wendel too. They look good together but Wendel started to compare Steph and Emily. A thing he never understood. Steph’s ghost still haunt him down. He still love Steph and wondered what happened to her. He remained single for 10 years. It was then that the school from highschool decided to have a Grand  homecoming. Excited to know if Steph will be there he could feel butterflies in his stomach until that moment he has been waiting for began. He saw Steph and he knew right that  moment he still love  her.He was speechless, his heart beating fast as he approached her and ask her for a dance. It was magical.. All those feelings came back.. Back to high school where their love knows no limit, where love knows no boundaries. After 2 months Wendel and Steph married  and live their life back in each other arms.




4 thoughts on “Loving beyond limits – Infidelity

  1. Hmmm… lahat sila ay biktima ng pagkakataon. Pero kung sa isang banda ay huminto muna sila saglit at nagtika, nagmuni, nagkape, nagbasa ng blog at nagmcfloat, maaaring naiwasan ang pagkakaroon ng kumplikadong desisyon na maaaring mauwi sa pagkasira.

    Pero sa isang banda kung nangyari na ang unos, mahalagang taglayin ng bawat isa ang kakaibang lebel ng pang-unawa kaakibat ang pagmamahal na hindi nanunumbat at nang-uusig.

    • pinaka gusto ko ung huminto sila nagbasa ng blog at nagmcfloat!

      Mga pangyayari sa tutong buhay, binago ko lang ang mga pangalan at inigsian ang kwento.
      salamat sa pagdaan.

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