The Power of Declaration..

I have never  believed in the power of declaration. I never thought that this will affect my life, my state of mind and my future as well. I read a lot of self- help books that discuss about positive outlook and saying phrases like ” I am a wonderful person, I can do it” etc, etc. I did that and never believe in  myself anyway.

It was  just a few days ago that made me realize the true power of declaration.

I  resigned from my clerical job in pursuit of greener pasture and  jump in the call center bandwagon. Since I’m a call center virgin, there are lots of new things that i need to learn in 4 weeks. It was when i hit the floor (Academy bay) that i had the real taste of call center reality. Panic stricken, I got calls that  questions my ability to do my job well, my confidence  was really low and the SME’ s hasn’t been very helpful either.  I was at a lowest point. I have several markdowns and 2 autofails. I even had the negative notion that all calls are just impossible to close. It was really a rough day.

The following monday I declared in my instagram a good vibes,  happy monday, great day! No irate costumer to deal with, sale and no unhelpful SME shall upset me. IT did happen!

The following day, Tuesday, I declared a blessed Tuesday on my Facebook status.  With a silent prayer for a better score and a better performance. I asked God’s help knowing that I cannot do it without God’s help. My chance of getting the job seems so slim, and I am losing hope. With God’s grace I overcame all the obstructions that blocked my way that day. I then realized the power of declaration.

The following day Wednesday (yesterday). I was in high spirits and declared this in my FB status.

Don’t give up!

Though the road I’m taking is a bit rough

 And the future seems hazy ,

When I feel like I want to give up,Because the fight is a little tough I pray for God’s mercy.

“When I was burdened with worries, You comforted me and made me feel secure.”Psalm 94:19

Declaring God’ s mercy this day. His mercy endureth forever..

I have so many worries that day one of which if I had the lowest grade I’d be the last to pick a schedule which means I would be getting the morning shift and  won’t be able to go to church. Something that became a burden to me. I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my God’s day in lieu of money.Thou I know that something good will happen that day. I stand on my ground that God will have mercy in me. Later that day, when we were shown our stats, and score cards,i couldn’t believe the result. I made it on the top. I was overwhelmed. I knew it was impossible but God made a way! I ranked third as of yesterday, which means i could get the chance to pick the schedule i want. (which is one of the reasons why i want to work in call center i need a schedule that would compliment with husband’s routine work sched  and help with household chores)

I still have 2 days to battle before hitting the floor and i am standing on God’s promise.

Jeremiah 33:3

“Call to me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

P.S. We often declare negative things easily and unknowingly (I can’t do it, it’s impossible or  you can’t do it etc.) I have learned that the words we utter have weights and impact on our lives. So instead of criticizing our gov’t, our partners/ spouses, our children,friends, students, encourage and declare positively and loudly with faith and boldness. We need to transfer that faith to that person until that person believes that he can do it. Declare healing for your sick family. Declare blessings say ” God bless” to everyone even to those who curse you. Make it a habit declaring good things and believe and it will happen.

Proverbs 18:21

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.


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