What’s your dream??

As my birthday nears, I asked myself what is my dream?? seems like i have been stuck in a this lifestyle and no where to go.  I have so many questions, I have lost sense of reality. Seems in a world of chaos my safe haven is my small confined world, in my room, in front of my computer.

I was reading this book that says “You have to quit living  and live as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death.You have to go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention.”

Wow big words. Chase your dream, you have to bite the bullet , you have to go big.

But what is my dream?? Where will I start, what will i start if i haven’t even figure out what my dream is? OR probably I know what my dream is but I am afraid to make it my dream because I am afraid I’d fail?

I lost my confidence I lost my sense of direction, I lost passion. I live in a day to day  basis, running away from what I am afraid of.  Somehow I know I need to revive the passion in me, to see clearly my purpose and to chase that lion fearlessly.

Start dreaming maybe not big ones but start now. Live a life with a purpose. And slowly in God’s  time all shall be revealed.



Just say what you think! :)

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