“Till Death Do Us Part”

A lot of people have been asking this question,  not necessarily a question thrown to me personally, but since valentines day I’ve been seeing this on  Facebook. Do you believe in “Forever”? I’ve read a couple of answers that somehow made me ponder.  Do I believe in “Forever”? NO I DON’T. Forever is just a […]

Fairy Tale..

Every woman dream of a relationship that would end like a fairy tale. ” and they live happily ever after “ But reality bites, there’s no perfect  person, no perfect relationship, because  relationship is a  fairy tale..  a constant  battle between good and evil your  love story will end the way you want it.

Loving beyond limits – Infidelity

Case 1 :  Alice is a striving career woman married to Barry who is  unemployed and surviving on  pension from his parents. Joe is an officemate of Alice and  knows all the difficulties   Alice has been going through. Joe has been friend  and the crying shoulder of Alice. Barry because of insecurities starts to be a […]

I’mma Proud Mom!

What makes me a proud Mom? Not just the medals and honors received but the fact that my children efforts has been recognized. I’ve seen them work so hard, those sleepless nights  those cramming moments, those last minute changes. It is a great joy for us parents to see our children smile and be proud […]

please be careful with your heart….

After a few months of becoming a full time mom. I have finally decided to give work another chance not because I am dying to have a career but because of financial obligations that I need to fulfill for my family. Nevertheless, to make the story short, I pass the test and was asked to […]

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