Dear Faith

Im writing this to request to help hope. I am laying my cards and I already prayed for this. My heart almost messed up the plan but thru prayers she gave in to my request. Im at the brink of losing hope when he suggested to write you. My future lies on this plans so […]

When being in love means being in pain..

“Loving turns into loving too much when our partner is inappropriate, uncaring or unavailable and yet we cannot give him up. In fact we want him even more,our yearning for love becomes..ADDICTION.“ Women who love too much Signs that you are loving too much Do you often converse about “HIM”? Most of your sentence begin […]

Treasures in the Darkness

Benefits of crying


Trouble comes in all shapes and sizes. It can come as small as a ruin in a stockings or as big as an emergency trip to the hospital.  But when trouble comes, you have a choice, – let it destroy you or transform you. 

All amazing creation  came from ordinary things. It has to undergo process to achieve its real beauty. Diamonds are coal which undergone pressure. In the end it came out as a precious stone. Ugly things can become jewels reflecting the light of God.If you are willing to go to darkness with him you will come out with hidden treasures.

To do this you need to acknowledge the trouble, to face it and to realize its impact to your life. Running away from it only increases the distance from the solution.We cannot ask God for help if we deny that we are in trouble. Pretending to be strong only weakens your self-esteem. Anger and sorrow have been expressed by so many characters in the bible. It is or human nature to be hurt and to be angry. Releasing this emotions and asking God to help you in this times will help you unload your burden.

Crying is a way to let our body cope up.


There are limitations on what we can do, but we cannot deny the fact that we have responsibilities to take for the given situation. Do you need to admit a fault? maybe ask for forgiveness? DO you need to make a wrong right? Is there any positive action you need to take to ease the situation? Do what you need to do don’t complain. Put that positive action to life. 

Accept that there are things that we cannot change at the moment. Waiting for the right timing exercise your patience. Maybe something else must happen first or  someone else needs to do his or her part. Sometimes a broken thing si broken and cannot be fixed. Ask God 

Living by Faith

  Gal 3:11    But that no one is justified by the law in the sight of God is evident, for “the just shall live by faith.”  Living by faith means you need to place your faith in God that He would take care of all your needs. However, you should not misinterpret this as “I don’t need to […]


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